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Software that powers your freedom to move

Earn residency and citizenship privileges in the world’s most sought-after destinations

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The Status Quo

The application process burdens consumers with opaque requirements, archaic procedures, and excessive fees

Features, not bugs, of a broken system include:

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Steep learning curve due total lack of prior experience.

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Over dependence on outdated, manual processes.

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Navigating the maze of document retrieval and preparation.

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Adapting to ever-shifting, locally-influenced guidelines.

Mobility Assets:  A must-have addition to your lifestyle portfolio 

In this era of uncertainty, more and more people are actively searching for ways to eliminate their dependence on a single passport.

Global mobility assets provide a practical and  timely insurance policy that deliver the type of residency diversification that other asset classes simply cannot.

GlobalPassport™: the world at your fingertips

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International Residency Plans

Hedge your dependence on a single passport. Protect your family from a risk of sudden deterioration in local living conditions

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Application Kits

Apply for your ideal international residency solution in an efficient, cost-effective and reliable way

Enhance your journey to dual citizenship

The GlobalPassport™ Difference

A powerful all-in-one digital platform built to improve the dual citizenship
application process through speed, reliability and transparency


Instant display of required documents
needed for approval


Fraction of the cost of foreign


Broad range of mobility choices to
choose from


Grant access to family members and
trusted third parties


Real-time tracker provides real-time
feedback on progress


Tribe members rank service
providers on Global Passport

Four category-defining consumer applications inspired us to build the first, digital international residency end-to-end application service

Live Anywhere. On Your Terms.

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Proven Track Record 

Purpose-built solutions to unlock the freedom and privileges that dual citizenship provides.


Founded in


Full-service app that can predict the outcome of your application


Based in Miami, FL, the “Capital of Capital”


Applicants advised

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GlobalPassport™: From Application to Celebration: Your Citizenship Journey Redefined

It's just like Turbotax, but for dual citizenship applications. I love it.

Stephanie Previti
New York, NY
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We’re on a mission to simplify access to international residency rights

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Citizens by Descend

Discover your eligibility for dual citizenship or residency through your ancestral roots.

Citizens of Second Spring

Designed for retirees and empty nesters eager to improve their quality of life and reduce their cost of living.

Citizens Nomads

Designed for retirees and empty nesters eager to improve their quality of life and reduce their cost of living.

“We started GlobalPassport™ with one goal in mind… to make the process of applying for dual citizenship as easy, transparent and fast and affordable as possible.”

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Tate Worswick

Co-Founder and Managing Director

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